BOB Revolution Stroller Review

customer ratings and reviews for the BOB Revolution Stroller (136 customer reviews) When it comes to safety and security, parents are especially conscious of these qualities when it comes to their kids. This is especially true for those who have younger ones who require a stroller to move them around in. This is one of the reasons why the BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller grew so much in popularity. One of the best brands for strollers out there, this lightweight stroller is the top of mind choice of many parents, whether new or experienced. And it is no surprise, as the BOB Revolution Stroller offers total comfort, durability, reliability and protection. At the same time, it offers ease of movement for the parent or whoever is pushing it. has the best deals on the BOB Revolution Stroller. Click here to check it out.

Just what are the qualities that most parents look for in their choice of stroller? Many first-time parents are extremely boggled by this question and often find themselves taking too long a time to decide on stroller. However, those who have experienced the BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller can attest as to how it is the best lightweight stroller of choice for any expecting parent out there. Mobile and easy to bring around, this stroller is perfect for families who enjoy traveling.

BOB Revolution Stroller Features and Specification:

  • BOB Revolution Stroller Dimensions: 51 x 41 x 23″
  • Product Weight: 23.6 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 28.9 pounds
  • Can carry a weight of up to 50 pounds
  • Swiveling front wheels allow for ease of movement and better maneuvering
  • Front wheel locks make riding over more challenging paths easier
  • World-class suspension system for a smoother and more relaxing ride for the little one
  • Padded seat with a 70-degree allowable recline
  • Ergonomic design fit for any user
  • Available in Chocolate/Blue, Chocolate/Pink, Mesa Orange and Navy

BOB Revolution Stroller Reviews:

Most parents are raving about the increased seat recline, which can now go all the way to 70 degrees. This makes the BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller a lot more flexible and versatile. Not only is this stroller lightweight, it is also highly comfortable. Parents claim that the increased padding in specific portions of the stroller allows for a much better experience for their children. The sun canopy is also said to be very impressive. It is wider and bigger than most of its relevant counterparts. Parents also say that the ride experience on this particular stroller is much more smoother than they imagined. The stroller glides over bumpier portions with ease—thanks to its innovative and world-class suspension system.

Some of the negative reviews were because of the lack of a latching mechanism on the stroller. This can sometimes make picking it up a more difficult challenge that it really is.

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All in all, one cannot really complain about the performance of this lightweight BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller. In fact, it seems to be one of the best brands currently being offered by the baby care market. Therefore, it makes sense that parents consider investing in one pending the arrival of their newest bundle of joy.

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